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JUDA Curriculum



Our Curriculum



Our students learn to read, write, and speak conversational Hebrew. They gain confidence and familiarity with the Siddur-Hebrew Prayer Book. At JUDA we use the world-renowned, critically acclaimed Aleph Champ program to ensure that your child will read Hebrew by the end of his/her JUDA experience. In every lesson, Hebrew vocabulary related to the subject material is introduced and students are encouraged to use the Hebrew terminology to build on their Hebrew oratory skills. Additional Lessons in conversational Hebrew are held with Hebrew speaking Teachers. 

The JUDA Hebrew Language program is designed so that at the conclusion of JUDA Hebrew High each student is confident in reading, writing, and speaking Hebrew. 



Judaism provides values that give individuals the tools to maximize their experience of life. JUDA students will explore Jewish values that will guide them throughout their journey into adulthood.



While experiencing our Jewish traditions, Holidays, and Shabbat, students gain a deeper understanding and love of our unique heritage.



Students study the weekly Torah portion which provides practical lessons that apply to our daily lives.


Our students will attain a love for our of our homeland, Israel. They will learn about Israel’s history, geography, and our connection to the Holy Land.



Your child will gain an appreciation of our Jewish history and culture that has been preserved throughout the ages.



Learning Goals 

JUDA Adventure (Grades k-3): 

  • Master the Hebrew Alphabet and all the vowels and begin reading short words.  Master Levels White, Red, Orange, Yellow and Green in Aleph Champ 

  • Learn about and celebrate the Jewish holidays as they come up on the calendar. 

  • Explore and delve into the Five Books of the Torah.. They will explore each Torah portion and learn the stories of our forefathers and foremothers and our history as a nation from the Exodus, Mount Sinai, and Journey through the Desert to the Land of Israel. 

  • Learn Hebrew Vocabulary that relates to subject matter. 

  • Learn about and celebrate the Jewish holidays as they come up on the calendar. 

  • Deepen their Jewish identity through play, song, art, and stories. 


JUDA Pioneers (Grades 4-5) 

  • Continue to increase Hebrew reading fluency and accuracy. Develop proficiency by reading prayers from a Prayer Book. Master Levels Blue, Purple, and Brown in Aleph Champ

  • Take a close look at Jewish history and the lessons we can learn from our ancestors by learning all about the Jewish Heroes from the ancient times to modern day.  

  • Learn and use Hebrew Vocabulary that relates to subject matter. Practice conversing in Hebrew. 

  • Learn about and celebrate the Jewish holidays as they come up on the calendar. 

  • Share their knowledge and deepen their Jewish identity through community projects and service learning. 


JUDA Discovery Grades 6-7): 

  • Master fluency in Hebrew reading. Demonstrate their knowledge of the Hebrew language by reading from Prayer books and writing in Hebrew. Master Levels Gray and Black in Aleph Champ. 

  • In the Jewish Discovery course, students will not learn about theoretical, elusive concepts— they will learn about themselves. The Jewish Discovery course explores the founding stories of the Jewish people to illuminate the stories of our own lives. In 10 lessons, the course addresses basic questions of Jewish identity and Jewish life, such as: Who am I? What does it mean that I am Jewish? Why do I sometimes struggle with doing the right thing? 

  • Delve deep into the history, make-up, culture, and geography of the land of Israel. They will see up close what Israel is and be able to identify and connect with the land and its inhabitants.  

  • Learn about and celebrate the Jewish holidays as they come up on the calendar. 

  • Share their knowledge and deepen their Jewish identity through community projects and service learning. 


JUDA Hewbrew High/Cteen Grades 8 - 9): 

  • JLI Teens Courses: JLI Teens provides advanced Jewish involvement for high school students by challenging teenagers to incorporate Jewish thought into their everyday life. Each series incorporates ethics, philosophy, faith, history, community service, current events, and textual studies

           Some courses are: 

  • OMG! The Battle Between Faith and Logic -  Openly discuss your questions on faith and logic regarding the existence of G-d. Do science and Judaism conflict? Delve deeply into the Torah’s perspective on G-d, faith, and science and discover how they work hand in hand!

  • WHy I love Israel!    Is there something wrong with the way Israel has conducted itself in its attempts to bring peace to the Middle East? Why does it seem that Israel has so many enemies? How important is Israel to me, anyway? Your teen will take a journey; where they will virtually travel through the Holy Land, learn of the history, meaning and holiness of this ancient country. They will see how this faraway place is their home, and how their Jewish identity is connected to it.

  • Sticky Situations - This course will explore Judaism’s approach to morally “sticky situations” that we encounter in different areas of life—from shopping ethics to medical care dilemmas to the proper ways to helping the underprivileged.Teens will gain an appreciation for the Torah’s contemporary relevance.

  • Jewish Revolutions - One individual can change the world! This series explores Judaism’s take on modern causes such as social justice, world peace, freedom,and the environment.

JUDA Teen Leadership (Grades 10-12): 

  • JLI Teen Courses

  • Volunteer as leaders in the younger grades with Hebrew reading and Judaic classes.



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