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Fantasy Football

Interested in Fantasy Football?

Do you have a favorite NFL team?
Do you look forward to football season?
Looking for a fun, CBI social activity?

Join our Fantasy Football League!
Even if you've never played before, it’s easy to learn and makes your weekend football games more enjoyable.

- Attend our area Draft Party the week of 8/28 in person or online.
- Draft order is picked from a hat. The draft order is reversed in each round. So the 1st pick in Round 1 has the last pick in Round 2.
- QBs, WRs, RBs & TEs are awarded points for yards, catches and TDs. Ks are awarded points for FGs.
- Defenses get points for low scores, sacks and TOs. Scores are updated online in real time.

- Pick your players and reserves. (We’ll give you help along the way.)
- Set your 10 player lineups each week.
- You play against another person each week. Whoever has the most points from your “head-to-head” fantasy lineup wins that game.

Tue, June 18 2024 12 Sivan 5784