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JLI Registration Crime and Consequence

6 Week Course begins Wednesday, February 6, 2019 @ 7:30p

JLI’s course, “Crime and Consequence” will tackle these questions from a Jewish perspective,
addressing topics such as “What's the purpose of prison: punishment, deterrence or rehabilitation?”,
“What’s Judaism’s position on the death penalty?” and “Can criminals ever make amends, and if so, how?”

The course draws deeply on ancient Jewish sources, while using contemporary materials to give a modern context to the discussion.

Students of the course will discover that the Jewish approach to justice goes well beyond there forms in the First Step Act, providing alternative sentences for non-dangerous criminals that are tailored to fit the crime, and advocating for rehabilitation programs that continue well after
punishment has been served. 

“The debate over the First Step Act shows that Judaism’s timeless truths and insights about human nature, society and wrongdoing are as relevant today as ever before,” said
Rabbi Mentz of Congregation Beth Israel. “JLI’s Crime and Consequence course brings these important Jewish perspectives
home to our own community.” 

The program has won early endorsements from distinguished law professors and criminal justice campaigners.

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Fri, July 19 2019 16 Tammuz 5779